Argo Real Estate LLC

Buyer's Guide


Buying a home is a big investment. And while it can be exciting to look for a new place, it can also come with its own stressors. With a little bit of research and prep you can be truly ready. When a seller is faced with your offer among several others, following this guide can help you stand out.

Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Getting prequalified by a mortgage banker can help you determine how much you can spend on a new home. But remember, it’s your decision how much you feel good about committing to spend each month. 

Do your homework. Plan ahead and obtain your credit reports to make sure they’re accurate. Locate the documents most co-op or condo boards and banks will want. These include: two years of tax returns, the previous two months’ bank statements, accounting of assets and liabilities, and bank references. 

Create your Wish List. Think about what type of building and which neighborhoods you want live in. Then think about the amenities you want such as a doorman, private terrace, onsite gym, and even how much natural light. 

Keep a record of places you’ve seen. Create a binder with tear sheets, and take notes or shoot digital pictures of each unit you view. This helps you remember the specifics so they don’t become a blur. 

Look for possible problems in the apartment. Keep an eye out for water damage, leaky faucets, and cracked walls. Traps and bug spray under the kitchen sink signal unwanted visitors. Listen for noises such as traffic. And note the condition of the building’s common areas. 

Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Walk around each neighborhood and even each block of the apartments you’re truly considering at various times of day and night. Note the distance to the nearest subway or bus stop, if that’s important.