Argo Real Estate LLC

Seller's Guide

Selling your apartment can be a daunting task. But with a minimal effort and a few smart decisions, there are ways to reduce the stress and put you in the best position to sell.
Get an appraisal to help with pricing. Argo Residential's seasoned brokers know the market, what comparable apartments are selling for, and can anticipate trends. So they can help you set a realistic price that will help you sell your unit faster. 
A few dollars on cosmetic upgrades and repairs is money well spent. With just a small investment you can make your place much more appealing. So fix anything broken, outdated, or leaking. And even replace your shower curtain liner. It signals the unit has been well taken care of.
Neutral colors always turn into green. Remember, you are trying to appeal to as many people as possible, so keep paint colors neutral. This helps potential buyers see themselves living there. 
Eliminate clutter to make rooms look larger. Create a more open look by getting rid of extra furniture such as ottomans, small tables, and little cabinets. Be sure to keep knick-knacks and kitchen counter objects to a minimum. 
Organization is key. Potential buyers will open closets and cabinets to check storage capacity. So consider pre-packing items you won’t need and then make sure anything inside closets or cabinets is clean and neatly folded. 
Clean, and then clean again. A must for any showing is a neat, vacuumed, and well-scrubbed home. It goes without saying that you should pay special attention to the bathroom, kitchen, and even the oven. 
A picture is worth a thousand words. Once your place is spotless and free of clutter, shoot quality pictures with natural light. Of course, a neatly made bed and clean bathroom mirror are required. 
Let buyers see it as theirs. You've made the decision to sell, and that means someone else will soon be calling your place home. If your agent arranges an open house, try to make other plans for yourself at that time. It's tempting to stay, but buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space. Remove personal touches, as well, like family photos.
Find a place to live before your closing. In a tight market it’s important to find a place to live before selling. You don’t want to be backed into a corner and have to make a hasty decision.