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Why Use a Broker When You’re Buying

How an Argo Agent Can Help You When Purchasing a Home

Some people have the idea that the only person who needs a real estate broker is the seller. But the fact is, having a broker when you're buying can give you an edge. And because we're representing you, our fiduciary responsibility is to you.


The benefits: 

• Your broker is looking out for your interests, not the seller’s

• You have a dedicated Argo broker, not an assistant

• We’ll attend open houses with you

• Argo brokers can negotiate for you

• We pass our information about new-to-market finds and price reductions on to you

• We can trouble shoot problems and help you avoid pitfalls

• We’ll assist you in composing offer letters

• We guide you through completing application packets

• Argo brokers give you one-on-one coaching for board interviews