Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast: COVID and Your Building’s Finances

Join us on November 11th from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

We’ve just come through seven unprecedented months for Board Treasurers, as you have navigated the impact of the coronavirus on your building’s finances.  Join Argo’s experts for a candid conversation about what we have learned—and what we predict for the months ahead. We’ll discuss:

  • Underlying Debts, Reserves, and Cash: When and How to Use Each in a COVID-19 Environment
  • Lower Apartment Valuations and Board Approval Strategies
  • The Flight from the City: Reassessing Sublet Policies and Fees
  • Preparing for the Possibility of a 2nd Wave

…and your questions.

Participants will receive a Starbuck’s gift card to use for this virtual breakfast event!

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