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16feb6:00 pm8:00 pmAnnual University: Insurance for Boards

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11th Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast

November 19, 2021

Time Stamps: 4:17-Energy market, climate mobilization act, and energy saving measures with Darren Johnson 25:27-Q&A 36:07-Insurance market, purchasing insurance with Pat Antonacci 59:11-Q&A 1:17:20-Prevailing wages and real estate taxes with Richard Apell 1:36:09 Q&A

Argo University: Board Application Process in Today’s Real Estate Environment

October 26, 2021

Analyzing a board application is one of the most crucial steps for a coop or condo board. Join us in discussing the application and interview process—as well as the state of the market—with Diana Diaz, Esq. Director of Closings and Coco Dorneanu, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker.   Protected Classes

Argo U: Using Incentives for Energy Upgrades

October 1, 2021

Learn about available incentives from NY State and the utility companies that will help lower your energy upgrade project costs. Full Presentation

5th Annual Board Member 101

August 20, 2021

Our 5th annual primer on sitting on a Board. Learn best practices for running Board meetings, making financial decisions, handling staff, and more.   Time Stamps: 2:05 Fiduciary Responsibility 11:18 Liability – D&O Insurance and Protecting Your Assets 14:00 Hierarchy – To ensure seamless communication among people, governing documents, the city, and your building 20:41…

Argo University Your Building: Inspections, Energy, and Local Laws

May 7, 2021

Join Argo’s Director of Compliance, Jessica Tusing, and special guest speakers as we discuss the latest compliance requirements for your building. Time Stamps: 1:50 LL152 Gas Inspections – Joe Santullo, Systems 2000 15:20 Facades, Cycle 9 – Steven Varone and Suzanne Weiss, Rand Engineering 56:46 Energy Law Updates – Darren Johnson and Madeleine Killough, Bright…

Argo U: Insurance Explained

February 22, 2021

Your building’s coverage matters. Join Wendy Moskowitz and Pat Antonnaci to understand five building insurance concepts all co-op and condo Board members should know. Time Stamps: 2:56 – Current insurance climate and marketplace for renewals 5:40 – How to complete a renewal 11:33 – Types of Insurance to have – Property Insurance 14:48 – Types…

The New PPP Program: What You Need to Know

January 28, 2021

The Paycheck Protection Program, recently unveiled as part of the federal stimulus package, is underway. Coops (although not condos) are eligible. Watch a recap of the Zoom call with Argo’s Controller, Richard Apell for a thorough discussion of the PPP program. Requirements, Eligibility, and Submission: PPP Loan Overview and Submission Document Time Stamp: 1:24 – Intro to…

Argo U: Annual Meetings in the Wake of the Coronavirus

December 3, 2020


10th Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast

November 12, 2020

10th Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast Click the thumbnail above to watch the entire panel video, and use the time stamps to jump to the parts of the discussion that concern you the most. Video Timestamps: Manhattan real estate market update– 3:18 Queens real estate market update– 7:31 Price points and lower valuations– 10:05 Question: What impact will…

The Coop Application Process

October 15, 2020

How to avoid legal pushback after denying someone? You know someone living in the building, should you mention this in a Board interview? How have things changed because of COVID and what can Boards continue to implement post-COVID? Argo University: The Coop Application Process Full Presentation Click the thumbnail above to watch the entire panel…