Our Favorite Ways to Furnish an Apartment

Furnishing an apartment for sale is an important part of showing a space. Buyers wants to envision how their lives can look in a home, and leaving the space blank doesn’t inspire them to imagine themselves there. At 69 Fifth Avenue, we divided the main living space into three sections: dining, living, and visiting. We composed a classic dining section, and two separate seating configurations. The furniture in the seating arrangements was placed to show how you can interchange the furniture in the space. This apartment is large, but paradoxically, too much space can seem overwhelming. We help by showing buyers how the space can really be used. 

Funny but true: one of the most popular questions for buyers to ask is “where should we put a TV in here?” When we show a space, we strategically place mirrors and art on the walls to show where you might fit a TV in the living space. 

The second most popular question is probably, “Can a King-Sized bed fit inside the bedroom in a New York City apartment?” We head off this question by putting a king-sized bed with mattress and frame inside the bedroom when we show it. They can see just by walking in that there is plenty of space for any sized bed.

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