Pet Safety Tips – 4th of July Edition

More pets go missing on the 4th of July than any other time of year. Protect your pet’s health and safety, as well as your personal belongings, while you celebrate this year!

48 Hours Before: Start preparing a safe room or crate for your pet in an interior room of the house, like a bathroom or large closet. Make sure it has clean water, a pee pad/litter box, and a favorite blanket. Let them get used to the space beforehand.

Kitty Crawl Space:
Your cat may find his own place to hide, so make a list of all spaces small enough for a feline. (Don’t forget inside drawers and couches!) Doing so  can help to avoid frantically looking for him on the 5th.

Ready To Leave: Turn on the TV or a podcast loudly before you leave to help drown out the noise. Behave in a normal, upbeat manner while getting ready. Pets are very sensitive to emotional cues, so use your attitude to help mitigate their stress.

No Guilt:
You know your pet better than anyone, but 9/10 animals would rather hide until it’s over than attend a fireworks show. Keep in mind they can slip out of their collars trying to get away, and fumes from the sparklers can be harmful.

Ground Rules:
If you have a ground floor apartment, leave notes on exterior windows and doors that you have pets inside. This will encourage people to move their loud celebrations down the block.

Roof Requirements:
If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop, resist the urge to feed scraps from the grill, sweets or alcohol to your pets, and make sure all your guests are aware of the restrictions.

Outdoor Safety:
If you’ve got a spacious outdoor party to attend, make sure your dog has a snug collar, plenty of fresh water, and to keep her away from citronella, insect repellant, and sparklers.

Hands To Yourself:
No matter how chill a dog may seem, this is a high-tension time for animals. Be especially cautious in approaching dogs, even ones you know well, as an unwelcome hand in their face could add unnecessary stress.


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