A Spanish Revival Lobby Gets a Retrofit

Problem: How do you renovate a 1920s lobby for the new millennium while not damaging the original finishes or its period aesthetic?

Solution: Special considerations were necessary when the board decided to undergo a complete lobby renovation to restore the many extant original details while adding features to help make the spaces more functional. Argo sought out and hired a historical design consultant, then coordinated the entire project with this expert, the board, and a long of list trades and craftspeople. Needed upgrades included a new central air conditioning system, two storage closets, new mailboxes, new windows, and a new doorman station. They were blended seamlessly into the original setting thanks to the use of restored vintage lighting, salvaged doors, antique furniture, and a large stained glass window installed in the main sitting area. The result is a restored, period lobby with modern amenities that is aesthetically appropriate for the style of the building. This building is now among the most attractive apartment house lobbies on Central Park West.