Fixing Expensive Plumbing Issues

Problem: How do you fix a building’s plumbing issues and fines from previous management in less than a month?

Solution:  Argo assumed management of this 28-year-old luxury condominium building, which includes 6 floors and 6 units, in July 2018. As we assumed management of the property, we received notice that a boiler inspection violation from the city had not been filed by the former management, resulting in a fine for the building totaling $1600. We immediately got our compliance consultants on the case, and they went to court and lowered the fine to $400.

Argo also quickly uncovered that the plumbing system in the building was faulty. The sump pump company had installed the incorrect hubs. All of the piping was replaced with copper pipe, eliminating the plumbing issues and avoiding flood damage, and the plumbers we contracted completed the work without affecting the residents. All of this was handled by our team in less than a month.