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Diana Diaz has over 25 years experience in the real estate profession with 20 of those years being dedicated to working as a real estate transfer agent. In her experience, she has worked with NYC law firms representing the interest of cooperative and condominium sellers and buyers, in addition to working as the managing agent representative for NYC cooperative and condominium buildings. Over her career she has conducted thousands of real estate closings. In her capacity as Director of The Transfer Department for Argo, she not only oversees the day-to-day aspects of the closing department and it’s staff, but she also handles all of the inter-family, estate and trust transfers. She is also responsible for conducting cooperative closings for all of the properties in Argo’s portfolio and transitioning all properties in and out of Argo’s portfolio of buildings.

Formerly Vice President of Corporate Operations for a mid-sized management ­company, prior to joining The Argo Corporation, Ms. Diaz’ experience is well-rounded. Although at one time or another she has worked in the many different positions within a manage­ment company, her expertise lies in running an efficient transfer department. She is a licensed as a NYC Real Estate Broker and Notary Public. She holds a B.A. in judicial studies, an M.A. in forensic psychology and is a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School.

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