10th Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast

10th Annual Treasurer’s Breakfast

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Video Timestamps:

Manhattan real estate market update– 3:18
Queens real estate market update– 7:31

Price points and lower valuations– 10:05

 What impact will the covid-affected real estate market have on assessed valuations and taxes?– 11:50
Board approvals process– 16:27
COVID story and opportunities due to today’s climates– 19:10
Refinance opportunities– 26:00
Capital planning– 28:09
Question: Best ways to safely diversify Reserve Fund funds in a low interest rate environment– 30:06
Question: How to realistically plan for staff holiday bonuses during pandemic– 31:10
Question: If valuations decrease due to Covid-19, wouldn’t you expect the city to increase the tax rate to compensate for lost revenues and city budget issues?– 31:55
Capital planning– 28:09
Question: What are most buildings doing for staff as an extra bonus because of Covid?– 33:10
Question: How can condos generate proceeds from loans?– 34:06
Flight from the city– 35:38
Reassessing sublet policies–40:46
Comments from our Director of Closing, Diana Diaz, Esq. on subletting –42:50
Requirements of your underlying mortgage–44:50
Question: Can a board set a limit on how many sublets are allowed in a building?
Costs associated with sublets and further policies–47:25
Possibility of a 2nd wave–49:39
Question: Should the boards absorb pest extermination fees and consider it as a COVID-19 expense?–52:47
Commercial income as a line item–55:09


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