4th Annual Board Member 101

Now more than ever, your Board’s decisions impact the safety, security, and value of your building. On Tuesday, June 30th, we held our annual primer on sitting on a Board, and discussed best practices for running Board meetings, making financial decisions, handling staff, and more. Led by: Argo’s Chief Operating Officer, Julie Zuraw, Argo’s Controller, Richard Apell, and Argo’s Property Manager, Anne Brown.

Board Member 101

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Watch Our 3rd Annual Board Member 101

1:10 Board Member Duty of Loyalty – how to make the best judgement calls for the best of the corporation.

2:08 Conflicts of Interest – other companies, personal benefit, disclosure.

7:23 Two rules for succeeding as a board member

9:20 Discrimination

11:08 Corporate Documents for Coops and Condominiums

12:27 Fiduciary Duty and liability/acting ethically

13:18 Bill of Insurance

16:54 Checking the insurance policies of workers in your building

18:48 Checking vendors insurance and reviewing contracts

22:20 Chain of Command from the Board of Directors – and the virtue of using a managing agent

26:23 Making decisions, compromise, and presenting a united front as a board

30:12 Chain of command from federal laws to house rules and declaration

33:36 Communication with residents

37:23 Board Meeting Minutes

40:02 Agendas and your meetings

51:18 The board’s responsibility to set a good example as representatives / difficult board members

54:04 Financials and keeping an eye on your budget – doing budget reviews and assessments

1:04:00 Reserve Levels for condominiums and when not to use them

1:12:05 Making a cost assessment schedule

1:16:00 The process for Arrears

1:24:50 The procedure of discipline for union and non union workers

1:29:12 Performance evaluations

1:32:19 Maintenance and capital projects

1:39:29 Running for the board and dealing with ineffective boards

1:40:09 Evaluating your managing agent

1:42:26 Making a board action / Voting as part of a board

1:52:20 Can a managing agent sit on the board as a board member?

1:55:41 Meeting minutes

1:56:45 Who oversees boards in NYC?

1:58:53 Personal Liability

2:02:08 10 year versus 20 year plan