Argo University: Budget Season for Boards

How Argo Handles Your Building’s Budget

Are Capital Projects Part of Your Operating Budget?

Cash Versus Accrual, Explained

Budget Season for Boards, Full Panel

Full Panel Time Stamps:

1:04 Accrual vs Cash: Differences and Similarities

3:39 Fiscal Buildings vs Calendar Buildings

5:02 Budget Uncontrollable’s Overview: The 5 Categories: Utilities, Taxes, Payroll, Debt Service, Compliance

7:42 Argo’s Internal Process of Starting a Budget

14:11 Sample Budget Analysis Overview

24:14 How we Project a Budget 

28:10 Repairs and Maintenance Differences

30:15 Question on Local Law 11 in Repair and Maintenance Budget

31:30 How do you separate boiler, plumbing, HVAC if they are essentially part of the same system? 

36:05 How we Plan a Budget: Fees

39:22 How does Argo decide a Management Fee when we take on a New Client?

40:30 How we Plan a Budget: Capital Improvements

43:00 Projecting Long Term: Do you Put Money Aside Now? 

44:05 How Far out Should a Building be Projecting Long Term?

46:15 Planning for Local Law 11 – Implementing a Flip Tax to build up your Reserve Fund. 

47:50 Income Streams apart from a Flip Tax

50:00 What’s a Healthy Reserve Ratio?

50:50 Who Handles Putting a Cell Tower on top of Your Building?

51:20 What do you Recommend for a Flip Tax?

52:18 What to Consider when Putting a Cell Tower on your Building

55:15 Solar Panels: Green New Deal Requirement for a Green Roof, Taking Advantage of Incentives 

58:00 Supporting Schedules for a Budget

1:01:38 Line Item: Taxes 

1:02:00 Line Item: Workers Compensation

1:03:00 Line Items for a Super (Utilities, Apartment)

1:05:52 Line Item: Benefits for a Budget

1:06:20 Utilities: Fuel Schedule

1:08:30 Utilities: Electric Schedule

1:10:15 Con-Ed vs ESCO?

1:11:30 Figuring out and Dealing with Spikes in Usage

1:14:35 Using a Honeywell Test to find Leaks

1:15:40 How to Figure out Which Apartment is Using the Most Water?

1:16:30 Utilities: Water Schedule

1:18:35 Utilities: Gas Schedule

1:19:05 Upgrading Electric in Older Buildings 

1:20:24 Real Estate Tax Schedule

1:22:44 How we Assess Co-Op Abatement in the Budget

1:25:02 Insurance Schedule

1:26:20 Crime and Pollution Line Items

1:29:29 Line Item: Compliance 

1:34:37 Cash Projection: Where We Start, and Where We End

1:36:20 How does FDIC work with Co-Op Reserve Accounts?

1:38:40 How do you Project Reserve Accounts when Dealing with Refinancing?

1:40:10 FDIC Deposit Categories