Be Sure of Your Insurance

February 27, 2019. Argo University: Be Sure of Your Insurance featured President of Stockbridge Risk Management Bob Sterling and Argo Counsel Wendy Moskowitz, taking questions from coop and condo Board members on types of insurance your building should have. We have short videos featuring answers to some of the most burning questions like what is covered in a contractor’s certificate of insurance, as well as the full panel below, conveniently time-stamped so you can jump to what interests you the most!

Who Needs a Certificate of Insurance?

Looking Beyond the Certificate of Insurance: Exclusions

Making Sure Your Building is “Additional Insured”

Full Panel: Be Sure of Your Insurance

Please view the time stamps below:

02:12 What is covered by the building’s insurance?

06:30 The importance of an appraisal

07:38 What is Actual Cash Value?

08:30 The limits of liability insurance – bodily injury and property damage

10:10 Directors and officers insurance

11:30 Fidelity or Crime Insurance

14:22 Cyber Liability

20:08 Decreasing Price and Loss History

24:45 Capital Improvements – What happens when work is done on the building

34:43 Who is Additional Insured?

36:41 Contractors, forms used for Local 11 work and potential for labor law liability

45:36 What kind of work requires more insurance

48:08 Knowing how much limit is available on your claim

52:04 The importance of having everything reviewed by your insurance attorney

54:26 Labor Law Exclusions

57:37 What is Umbrella Policy?

1:03:30 Other kinds of policies for excess liability

1:06:30 Insuring your improvements as a unit owner

1:10:45 Insuring Fine art, Antiques, and Collectibles

1:12:34 How to know what amounts to claim

1:13:17 Should you require it in house rules to have certain kinds of insurance?

1:17:03 Where does responsibility lie for claims made for repairs

1:22:44 Alteration Agreements – What types of insurance should Boards be looking for during alteration and construction?

1:25:28 Patterns of submitting small claims vs. insurance companies

1:30:55 Directors and Officers Insurance