Compliance 2020: Beyond the Green New Deal

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Video Timestamps:

Bright Power at a Glance– 5:46
Energy Efficient Laws Greening NYC Overview– 7:35
Carbon Emission Limits LL97– 14:00
Building Energy Grades and Building a Plan for Improving Your Property– 17:27
Building Audit Example– 25:50
Bright Power’s EnergyScoreCards (website demo)– 41:50
Next Steps– 44:47
Questions and Answers– 45:15
Updated & New Regulations and COVID Permitted Work– 49:55
Gas Inspection LL152– 51:03
FDNY Checklist and Close the Door Signage– 54:45
LL110 of 2019 – Post of DOB Summons– 55:55
Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)– 57:50
FISP Current Requirements– 58:58
Basement vs Cellar– 1:02:30
Inspection Methods and Pros & Cons– 1:03:05
FISP Classifications– 1:07:27
Filing Fees & Penalties– 1:09:56
Cycle 8 Amnesty Program– 1:10:05
FISP Compliance Process– 1:11:01

Full Bright Power Presentation

Full Argo Presentation

Read Summary: Notice of Adoption of Amendments to Fire Department Rule

Read Summary: Final Rule- Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems

Read Summary: LL110 of 2019 Service Notice