The Coop Application Process

How to avoid legal pushback after denying someone?

You know someone living in the building, should you mention this in a Board interview?

How have things changed because of COVID and what can Boards continue to implement post-COVID?

Argo University: The Coop Application Process Full Presentation

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Video Timestamps:

The process for purchasing a unit in a coop– 2:38
How to read an application– 3:23
Vetting applicants– 5:51
Red flags on an application– 7:28
How to ensure it is the applicant who will be residing in the coop?– 10:20
How to ensure a shareholder will follow house rules?– 11:56
How to look at credit card & loan debt. How to consider debt in applicant’s affordability?– 13:08
Why is it important that the Board be careful in their admissions review? And protected classes– 15:50
Case law where Boards have gotten sued with respect to the application process– 18:52
What kinds of questions should a Board NOT ask– 21:21
Potential transparency law– 25:21
Current and future conditions of the market relating to COVID-19– 28:24
How closings have changed because of COVID– 36:49
Restrictions and rules that Boards have set up during COVID– 41:14
Questions and Answers– 46:27

Protected Classes