What’s the Deal with the Green New Deal?

Read a summary of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act here

How Argo Helps Our Clients Meet the New Emissions Requirements

NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act FAQs

How Can NYC Retrofit Help Your Building?

Local Law 97 Explained

A Summary of Local Laws 92 and 94

Parking Garage Requirements: Summary Sheet and Video Explanation

2018 Laws: Local Law 55

2018 Laws: Local Law 117

2016 Laws: Local Law 152

Local Law 152 – Proposed Amendment

Full Video: Argo University “What’s the Deal with the Green New Deal?”

Time Stamps:

03:14 What is the Green New Deal – New Local Laws and Inspections

04:40 Laws for Rentals – Stovetop Knob Covers

05:45 Allergen Law

07:23 Annual Inspection for Pests and Mold (Rentals and Common Areas)

08:47 CTA Architects Introductions

09:49 Garage Inspections – What is being inspected, what are inspectors looking for?

20:07 Gas Inspections and Reports for Local Law 152

28:01 What’s the Deal with the Green New Deal?

31:06 Local Law 33 – Buildings Required to Have a Posted Energy Score

32:14 Benchmarking and Energy Ratings based on Utilities

33:09 Scorecard Adjustments

36:02 Local Laws 87 and 97, Requirements and Suggestions for a Greener and More Efficient Building

37:03 Local Laws 92 and 94 and 96 – Sustainable Roofs Mandate

38:40 Emissions Limits and Prescriptive Measures

41:09 Carbon Offsets

41:31 Energy Certificates

41:59 Hardship Waiver

42:17 Carbon Trading Permit

45:21 Energy Efficiency Improvements

53:16 New Building Energy Laws and Implementation

1:03:30 Carbon Emission Penalties

1:04:31 Case Studies and Examples to Improve Energy Performance

1:09:42 Incentive Programs

1:17:30 Financing Energy Efficiency

1:27:48 How do AC Units Affect the Building’s Energy Score?

1:30:39 Filing for Multiple Buildings

1:35:05 Public Support and Shareholder Value

1:43:02 Fines for High Emissions

1:51:47 New AC and Heating Technology

1:53:47 Financing Benefits and Capital Budget